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Sushi Mom

A little bit about us

Never taking a day off, Annie went to work for eight years. Although she was a waitress and not the owner, day after day, Annie treated the restaurant as her own. Annie made it a point to provide good food and excellent customer service to everyone that came into eat at the Islington and Bloor Sushi 2 Go. She fell in love with the place, but it wasn't because of the store. It was all the friendships and connections she had built during the years. They made her smile every day, and in return, she did the same. After the owner became ill and had to leave the store, Annie was told she would have to find another job. Crushed, Annie began to search for another career path.


As Annie thought to say her last good byes to the restaurant the landlord approached Annie and asked her to take over the store and make it her own.


Now with the help of her loved ones, she is the proud owner of Sushi Run. With the help of her new and improved team members, top chefs and family, she has brought new and improved flavours to meet all your sushi needs. If you are ever in the Etobicoke area, make sure to come in for a Sushi Run!

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